Pin Grading System

Enamel pins are handmade items that will have some slight natural variations and differences that can occur during the production prcoess. Pins in this shop are sold as standard grade pins (also known as A grade pins)! What this means is that there are NO major defects but they may contain some incredibly minor imperfections (will be detailed below). Please be aware of this!  I do scrutinize my pins incredibly harslhy to insure you get the best quality pins! 

I also sell Second grade pins (also known as B grade pins), which are pins that will contain multiple defects. Most often these are minor and won't take away from the overall design of the pin, and as a bonus you can purchase these pins for a sweet little discount! 

Standard Grades

  • Low-fill enamel in small areas
  • Specs of stray glitter
  • Specs of stray debris
  • Light scuffing or scratches
  • Slightly offset screen print
  • Any minor cosmetics with the back of the pin

Second Grades

  • Low-fill in large areas
  • Peeling enamel
  • Missing enamel
  • Chipped enamel
  • Discoloration
  • Wrong filled colors
  • Excessive stray debris
  • Excessive scuffing or scratches
  • Missing or poor screen print quality
  • Wiggly posts

Any order placed as a preorder or as a crowd-funded order will be guarenteed a standard grade pin. 

If you are a hardcore collector and feel strongly about getting the perfect pin, please email me and I'll see what I can do! 

If you have any problems or concerns with your order upon receiving it, please feel free to reach out and contact us!