A Little About Slybonsai..

       Slybonsai first opened their (online) doors August, 2017 with the goal in mind to share art and affordable accessories all over the world! Slybonsai is also an outlet for Sly to explore her culture and to gain a deeper understanding of herself and personal growth. As someone who collected art herself, Sly had a strong desire to want to provide easily accessible art pieces that could be displayed anywhere! (AKA enamel pins!) 

  Sly primarily runs the forefront of Slybonsai, with the help of her partner, Joe, helping immensely with the "behind the scenes". Together, they work hard to run Slybonsai and to bring the works of art you love to your doorstep. 

  Raised in the Southwest and Hawaii, Sly is a published colorist and artist who has worked on various comic book works and zines. She is inspired by nature, culture, animals and loves all things grim and beautiful. Sly uses her art to explore her culture and to learn more about Japan. You can see this reflected in most of the work she produces. Sly is the front-woman for Slybonsai, doing much of the interaction, social media, product designing, and art. 

  Raised in the grand state of Arizona, Joe earned his degree in Graphics Information Technologies at ASU and found interest in hobby photography. Joe is the foundation (or otherwise the sturdy Bonsai tree) to Slybonsai, doing most of the product photography, order packing, analytics research, and shipping. 

Slybonsai is most active on Instagram where updates and art are posted daily! Follow @slybonsai for more! 

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